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About Me

He is a journalist. The kind that is part of the newly minted multimedia breed, yet one that still believes in the pillars of old fashioned quality reporting and feature writing. Jake wandered a while back from Salisbury, South Australia, not far from Adelaide. Here is where he completed a double degree in Journalism and Sociology giving him the basic tenets of the trade. Then he thought it wise to venture out into the world and learn something from it before trying to articulate it. This decision has been followed by various sightings of him being made in South America, Austria and various other cities of Europe. It is now said that after resigning from his role as a reporter for the acclaimed rural newspaper - The Border Watch - he is traveling, and writing, his way from Australia to Europe. He has worked a variety of magazines and newspapers both in Europe and Australia specialising in the areas of Travel, Politics, Society, Culture and the Obscure.More of his work can be found on the original, interactive travel blog

With a curiosity for writing, literature and a fascination for the interaction of societies and their dwellers, his ambition is to one day express whatever it is which gives him that uncomfortable indigestion when thinking of such things.

The rest is for a chat, a wheeling and dealing of a deep and meaningful debate to be had in a pokey cafĂ© somewhere. Or we can just blog it here and now… 

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