Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book Review: When fantasy becomes reality: Published at 14 years of age
14 year old, Mushindi Nabea Bucyana releases his book, ‘Diamond Pieces: where it all Began’, introduced by Jacob Moss.
Young Nabea Bucyana (born 1994) has published his first Science Fiction Novella, ‘Diamond Pieces: where it all began’, accomplishing what most of us older ink- stained writers still perceive as a distant fantasy. On the 8th May in Viennas Afro Asian Institute, amid a room crammed with an enigmatic buzz and an array of people boasting different origins and ages, Mushindi launched his debut book. The story, the first in a series of fifteen he predicts, mainly revolves around the lives of the students of an elitist school. He claims that most elements hold a scary resemblance to his own school. The story strays from this reality, I assume, when a breed of alien called ‘Masekians’ descend upon the earthlings with a plot to destroy, calling for a superhero to be born. Zac, the main character who has forever fantasised about being a superhero, becomes a real one. Inventions, comic cartoons, rocket boosters and scary teachers play a part in this book as well as many deeper facets - some being semi-autobiographical; some being perceptions from a young man. Throughout the story he writes with a great energy and captures the lively and mischievous dealings of a student’s extraterrestrial day perfectly.
Author Bucyana’s life began in Canada. When he was 4 years of age his parents moved the family to Rwanda where he began his education. This was shortly followed by a brief time in Tanzania before he arrived in Austria. He now attends grade 8 in Vienna’s International school. Perhaps his well chaptered life is what equipped him with his mature sensitivity to surroundings, a stellar imagination and the ability to re-create it, through fantasy. Inspiring…

Published by the Austrian Magazine: Die Bunte Zeitung

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