Wednesday, December 8, 2010


HERO for freedom and transparency of information or anarchist?- The jury is relevant to who you are speaking.

However there are conclusive truths which have been exposed- The world governments get away from this information tech hiroshima is ‘sluggishly’ transpiring before it citizens, while the highly regressive, panicked and savagely revengeful complexion it acquires when caught with its pants down is also on show- Bashful bunch.

And further, the legal games now being played by the US, Britain and Sweden almost appear similar to the scene where the big slow kid in the high school hurdle race trips up the faster one out of emasculated frustration.

Wikileaks methods are unheard of and revolutionary. It represents the jack of the internet which governments had hoped and prayed would never come out of its box.

However, it has and whether it is right or wrong, they are exposed with out a fig leaf to wear, and the principle that wikileaks stands for is laughing.

And, I don’t think I am the only one joining in with a smirk at how awkward they look naked.

British authorities threw Assange in jail yesterday and denied him bail.

They locked him up for "questioning" on an incident which involved him allegedly refusing to wear a condom when sleeping with a woman in Sweden- It has been termed as ‘rape’.

Perhaps the politicians should have also thought before about wearing a bit more protection.

He has not been apprehended for terrorism or treason which is the title politicians in the US and Australia have pinned on his actions.

US Senator Mitch McConnell’s claims that Assange is a ‘high-tech terrorist’ confirms my worst fear, that we have truly lost touch with our lexicon.

Where is the public outcry, especially from his home country Australia?

His actions will be debated and have already been the stuff of play things for the media who have licked their lips like every cable leaked is a drop of honey for the bear.

The third estate, who were long ago assigned the duty to keep the authorities in check, is sitting back in deck chairs chugging back the free flow of page fillers instead of what it should be doing- chasing that bare-assed government around with a wet towel.

Where are the questions, the pressure being applied to governments around the world who are blatantly using the legal system as a snare?

Mr Assange and Wikileaks have not only exposed the government, yet the fashion in which they have done so has also exposed the traditional media.

It seems to be forgotten that it was a 250 page pile of confidential documents which Wikileaks dropped into the pond; it was not the select headlines from which we digest it.

I do not deny there was some motive on his behalf and this will not become clear until history fills in the blanks, yet I am as fascinated as a virgin boy in a female’s locker room on what effect this unprecedented betrayal the internet has inflicted on its government will have: On how we (the media) operates, governments, their intelligence agencies and most importantly the free flow of information on the net.

Policy resembling internet censorship was spoken about by the Australian government while they still had their pants on, what happens now?... watch this space.

Mr Assange’s jail time has interestingly coincided with the announcement of the date for World press freedom day.

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